A talented group of experts in Technology, Business, Sports and Data

Derek Belch

Founder and CEO

Derek developed STRIVR while he was a graduate assistant coach with the Stanford football team. He played football for Stanford as an undergraduate, attended business school at USC, and returned to Stanford to coach and get his Masters degree in Virtual Reality. This unique background gives Derek tremendous credibility across both the sports and VR worlds, which has allowed STRIVR to quickly grow into a VR business with real-world applicability.

Jeremy Bailenson


Jeremy is a professor at Stanford University and is the founding director of Stanford’s world-renowned Virtual Human Interaction Lab. He is one of the world’s leading experts in VR and his research focuses on VR’s effect on the human brain and human behavior; his findings have been published in over 100 academic papers. He is a co-author of the book “Infinite Reality”, which was recently quoted by the Supreme Court in arguments about the effects of immersive media.

Masaki Miyanohara

Chief Visionary

Masaki began his career in VR over a decade ago in the labs of UC Santa Barbara. He developed complex VR tools for research projects in various fields including spatial cognition and social psychology. In 2007, Masaki joined WorldViz and spent the next eight years developing turnkey VR solutions for academic and government entities as well as Fortune 500 and Aerospace companies. At STRIVR, Masaki has built some of the most used VR software applications in the world and is constantly coming up with new ways to use VR for useful training purposes.

Brian Meek

VP Engineering

Brian brings to STRIVR 20 years of experience building software and services at scale and building amazing engineering teams. Prior to STRIVR, Brian was at Microsoft for 13 years, most recently as General Manager of Development for Skype where he led the development of Skype and Skype for business for 200 million users across smartphones, tablets, desktop and wearables.  Brian joined Microsoft in 2003 after the company purchased Placeware, where he served as Chief Architect.  Prior to that Brian served as VP of Engineering for Flycast Networks, building the first wave of ROI optimized advertising technologies.


Omar AhmadAccount Manager

Shawnee Baughman, Product Manager

Kevin Beecroft, Director of Production Operations

Danny Belch, VP Strategy, Sales & Marketing

Thomas Bernstein, Business Development

Michael Casale, Chief Science Officer

Sean Christofferson, VR Engineer

Mike Colucci,  Account Manager

Trent Edwards,  Co-Founder, Sports Training

Jeannette Francia,  Marketing

Phil Giesen, Account Manager

Dan Grunfeld, Account Manager

David Guy, Director of Operations

Hunter Hillenmeyer, Sr. Director, Biz Dev

Kit Karutz, Associate Producer

Jordan Kutzer,  Sr. Operations Associate

Mike Libby, Director of Finance

Paul Lim, Director, UI/UX

Jennifer Lin, Director, UI/UX

Michael Manuccia, COO

Zack Miller, Sales Operations

Teddy Mitrosilis, Director, Creative Solutions

Evan Moore, Sales

Logan Mulvey, VP, Customer Success

Brian Murphy, VP, Creative Solutions

Rosstin Murphy, VR Engineer

Peter Murray, Account Manager

Josh Oates, Director of Healthcare

Daniel Orr, Account Manager

Edward Park, Account Manager

Lindsey Plocek, Senior Sales Director

Chad Reddick, Software Engineer

Bo Rhyne, Data Visualization

Rachel Roberts, Operations Associate

Haley Rosen,  Operations Associate

Tyrone Schieszler, 3D Artist

Jomar Sevilla, Software Engineer

Chase Thomas, Account Manager

Tak Wai Wong, Sr. Software Engineer

Andrew Wasserman, VP, Account Management

Josh Watson, Account Manager

Chris Wheeler, Senior VR Engineer

Joe Willage, Data Scientist

John Woods, Senior Sales Executive

James Zatsiorsky, VR Engineer

Some of Our Advisors

David Shaw
Head Coach, Stanford Football

Coach Shaw is the Bradford M. Freeman Director of Football at Stanford University. He has compiled a 64-17 record in 6 seasons as Stanford’s head coach, winning Pac-12 Coach of the Year 3 times. Shaw let STRIVR develop its product on his Stanford practice field back in 2014, and has called STRIVR “a game changer” for the sport of football.

Robert Livingston, Ph.D.
Professor, Harvard University

Dr. Livingston is a social psychologist and Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. His research ranges from micro-level experimental investigations of the psychological and physiological processes that underlie implicit bias (e.g., stereotyping, prejudice)—to more macro-level examinations of discrimination in society and the workplace, particularly in upper-level leadership positions. His work has been published in multiple top-tier academic journals.

Walter Greenleaf
Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Stanford University

Walter Greenleaf is a research scientist, entrepreneur, and medical product developer. He is known internationally as an early pioneer in the medical application of virtual environment technology and is viewed as one of the founders of the field. For the last 25 years he has developed innovative clinical systems for use in physical and cognitive medicine, with a specific focus in the use of virtual reality technology. Walter has served as a scientific adviser and reviewer for the U.S. Public Health Service, National Science Foundation (NSF), National Institutes of Health (NIH), NASA, and the U.S. Department of Education.