Senior Unity VR Engineer

Senior VR Engineer Job Responsibilities:

Senior VR Engineers will oversee software development for STRIVR’s interactive simulations, interactive user interfaces, and VR software tools. Senior VR Engineers should be well-versed in Unity and may be asked to troubleshoot and prototype peripheral VR devices to be integrated with existing software. As a Senior member at STRIVR, you will help drive the engineering production process.

Senior VR Engineer Skills and Qualifications:

  • 5+ years professional experience in Unity
  • Expert in C# and the Unity engine
  • Expert knowledge of best practices for VR – both UI/UX to optimization/performance considerations
  • Deep understanding of 3D model/asset workflow e.g. how to take a purchased model from TurboSquid and make it look and perform optimally. Ability to work alongside a 3D Modeler and other engineers seamlessly.
  • Can rapid prototype interactive VR concepts (e.g. new input control methods, hw devices, etc)
  • Experience with Oculus, SteamVR, GearVR a must; PSVR + Daydream a plus
  • Unity plugin development

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